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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to visit SCI Edge during Covid -19?

SCI Edge is functioning with complete safety. We are taking the following precautions 1. SCI Hopital is a non COVID 19 hospital 2. We have instituted through screening at the gate. 3. We have instituted PPE Kits for all patients and doctors

What would happen if I need emergency care within a day of surgery?

There is our 50-bed SCI Hospital besides the SCI Edge facility where patients can be treated in case of any emergency condition arising out of treatment. Also, all our doctors are experienced in providing emergency care in case any need arises.

What happens if there are complications in my case?

We have experienced doctors chosen through a rigorous process. Each of them is experienced in dealing with very complex cases. We have a 50-bed hospital which is equipped with the latest equipment for all our surgeries so that utmost care and precautions are taken in every surgery.

Does SCI Edge support insurance coverage for all these surgeries?

We support insurance coverage from all the leading agencies within the country. We aspire to get all the insurance checks done within 30 minutes of information being provided to us. Our admin team is experienced in helping you get the maximum benefits from your insurance policy and makes sure that while availing of the insurance, you have all the payment options - cashless and reimbursement payment. Please contact us and our admin team will take care of all the insurance-related administrative steps.